Musician // Engineer // Audiophile

I’m a songwriter,

performer, and

recording/mix engineer

with a passion for

all things audio.

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I was raised in Essex, Vermont, one town over from the biggest “city” in the state, Burlington. Fueled by culture and community, my love of music not only began here, but continues to thrive more and more each day.

I am a songwriter, performer, and recording/mix engineer with a passion for all things audio. While I may not be a master of one single instrument, I try to have a strong background with many of them. My repertoire includes: Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Drums, and Vocals (I have also noodled around on Saxophone, Mandolin, Upright Bass, and Violin, and when I was a kid I could also play a mean Recorder.)

In November 2013 I graduated from Full Sail University with a B.S. in Recording Arts. During my enrollment there, I was able to gain a great amount of hands-on experience using the high quality gear made available to me. As it turns out, I’m a gear-head.

I’m mainly interested in studio work, whether it be pre- or post-production, but I have been a part of several small projects relating to film-audio production (ADR, Sound Design, Scoring) which also interests me. My studio is currently geared towards singer/songwriters, but entire bands can easily be recorded in a tracking session.

I love working with others and am always proud to be part of a team.

Feel free to contact me if you have any projects you need help with, or if you have any questions.

You be lucky,

Calvin Winzler-Lane